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When the people of Fiji need a reliable and long-term hot water solution, there is only one name that stands above the rest and that is Edwards. Poly Products (Fiji) Limited and Edwards Hot Water together bring to the South Pacific the highest quality, most reliable, longest lasting hot water systems available. These solar options are energy efficient, made with only the finest quality non-rusting steel and are available for both commercial and residential purposes.

Edwards solar hot water systems can be found in many locations here in Fiji and major systems are installed at Mana Island and the Sheraton Resort at Denarau.

Poly Products (Fiji) Limited and Edwards Hot Water have a business philosophy that puts you the customer first. We want to become your first choice if you need a Commercial or Domestic Solar Hot Water system. Edwards has established markets in Australia and overseas gaining a world wide reputation for manufacturing quality products offering excellent value for money and the latest in engineering design. With the financial, engineering and technical resources of Edwards and a commitment to quality, innovation, after sales service and extensive warranty; Edwards has become a major force in hot water systems around the world.

Choosing The Right Water Heater Can Be Difficult

We all know that Solar Hot Water can help protect the environment from the pollution and damage that other types of heating can cause. But did you know that unless your Solar Hot Water system is the most efficient and durable available, you could be paying unnecessary electric/gas booster costs? Edwards Hot Water has invested heavily in research and development, to ensure that when you buy an Edwards Solar Hot Water system, you're getting the most economical, reliable performer under the sun.

For Residences

Which system you choose will depend on where in Fiji you live, which way your home faces and even the pitch of your roof. You may be able to use a standard Edwards solar panel, or your home may be better suited to the titanium coated copper panel. So it's important to talk to a Poly Products (Fiji) Limited consultant about the Edwards Solar Hot Water System that is ideal for you.

For Commercial Purposes
Edwards offers a huge range of commercial options. Commercial water heating applications vary enormously which can make it difficult to size & select products. For more details on which option may be right for you, the Edwards online interactive click here will help you always make the best decision for your business.

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