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One of the areas where we here at Poly Products (Fiji) Limited take a great deal of pride in our efforts is with our work in the conservation of electricity. Poly Products (Fiji) Limited formed a joint coalition with the FEA and Carpenters to bring the "Energy Savers" program to the people of Fiji. This program offers all households an ability to dramatically reduce their energy consumption for lighting.

A regular household light bulb usually costs $1 and last 1000 hours. The Philips Genie light bulb costs $7.95 and last 6000 hours. Now here's where the impact can be felt. A regular household light bulb uses 60 watts of power to run while the Philips Genie bulb uses just 11 watts of power for the same light output!

In order to make this decision economically feasible for everyone in Fiji, with our joint sponsors, we currently offer a "Buy one, Get one free" program at your point of purchase. We are proud of our partners and ourselves with our intention to serve Fiji in the most energy efficient manner as possible. We hope that you too will take part in our program and that you will participate with your own efforts to conserve electricity wherever possible.Thank you

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