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Poly Products (Fiji) Limited is pleased to announce the introduction of NSK Bearings and Rockwell Motor Controls to the Fiji Islands. After a long and detailed search to find the highest quality provider in each of these important categories, we recently came to agreements with these exceptional companies to exclusively represent their products here in Fiji.

:: Rockwell Controls Will Put YOU Back in Control

Rockwell Motor Controls have been serving the world's industry for generations with the finest options available for all aspects of motor controls. With an enormous range of products you can be sure that whatever your need, Rockwell has the perfect solution. Whether you're looking for products to control a single machine or to integrate an entire enterprise, you need a supplier who can help you turn automation, information and power control into a competitive advantage. The Poly Product / Rockwell partnership is here in Fiji to make sure you gain that edge.

When you choose Rockwell Automation, you can rely on us to supply the most advanced automation, power control and conversion products and services. We will help you get your products and services to market faster, reduce costs, better utilize power and plant-floor assets, and minimize risks in your manufacturing environment.

Advanced ISO-compliant manufacturing processes, stringent quality testing, and sophisticated predictive maintenance features have made our product brands the market leaders in superior reliability for more than a century - meaning that you can rely on them to increase your uptime and productivity.

:: NSK Bearings for the Reliability That You Can Count On

NSK, known world-wide for bearings of the finest quality, employs a special manufacturing process that integrates less oxygen in their steel than traditional bearing manufacturers and what this means to you is a stronger, higher quality, better performing and longer lasting bearing. Since our introduction of NSK to Fiji, these bearings have gained instant market share, momentum and popularity. For your bearing needs, Poly Products (Fiji) Limited now proudly offers the NSK solution.

:: Super Support For Rockwell Motors

In March 06 a team of Poly Product Technicians were sent to New Zealand to complete an extensive 2-Day Seminar on the various Rockwell Automation applications. The topics ranged From Strategic Maintenance to Integrated Architective to AC DC Motor Drive Technologies. The program was considered a resounding success in terms of not only educating our staff on all these critical topics of support but also in helping us to explore the full range of areas that we can be of additional value and support to our clients.

For a complete list of all the topics in which our staff now has gained extensive knowledge and technical expertise click here

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