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Poly Products (Fiji) Limited offers Fiji organizations and residences a wide array of products and services designed to modernize your living places and work spaces and to do it with the most attractive and efficient means possible.

Our services can be broken down into four (4) areas: Sales and Support, Installation, Demolition, and Upgrades and Refurbishments.

:: Sales and Support

Our sales team is sure to assist you in making the proper, educated decision for project at hand. We are committed to the philosophy of working as consultants interested in only long-term success for our clients which translates into long-term success for our core business.

We also have an extensive support staff that will assist you in handling any concerns you might have after you have made a decision to engage our products or services. From customer service, through installation and training, you can be sure that Poly Products (Fiji) Limited will make your experience one that provide you value for many years to come.

:: Installation

Whether you are installing lighting fixtures, office furniture, hot water systems of any one of our high quality offerings, Poly Products (Fiji) Limited is there to make this process a breeze. Our trained technicians will see to it that everything you have purchased is in 100% working condition and set up t provides you years of pleasure.

:: Demolition

Not every job we do starts in a new facility or home. Very often we are called in to make what is old, new again. In order to do that, first we must eliminate the old in as non-obtrusive a fashion as possible. Our demolition team will come in, and take down what needs to be eliminated and we'll do it with the least amount of pain and distraction to your operations as possible. We can just as easily handle small jobs or entire building demolitions and we'll be there to make sure that whatever is salvageable will be saved for another life ahead.

:: Refurbishmnets

One of our specialties is handling office and residential refurbishments. Nothing gives us more pleasure than making a stale, stoic environment one that sizzle with excitement and energy. Working with experts the world over and establishing strategic partnerships with many of world's leading companies, the Poly Product team of experts will provide you with a quality and lasting project that will help you always be at your very best.

:: Construction / Master Tender

Here at Poly Products (Fiji) Limited we have multi-skilled divisions of employees that can handle constructions jobs from all aspects. Whether you are looking to develop a home or office from the ground up or you are looking for help in demolition or total destruction, Poly Products (Fiji) Limited will be on hand to see you through your needs. We have worked on everything from overseeing major developments to small detailing projects requiring highly skilled installations. Poly Products (Fiji) Limited has served as a lead contractor, agent, and sub contractor and we will gladly look to serve you in whatever capacity you project sees fit.

:: See what we can do

Examples of Poly Products (Fiji) Limited quality work can be seen at the FEA building in Lautoka where we were responsible to demolish the interior and refurbish the facility. Our refurbishment work can also be seen at the Asian Development Bank and also the Colonial Building.

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