From the company inception 46 years ago Poly Products (Fiji) Pte Limited has grown significantly into a major player in the construction industry for supply, assembly and
installation of world-renowned products specifically targeted at the corporate industrial and domestic building sector.

Our extensive range includes lighting domestic, commercial and industrial, solar powered water heaters, lighting and related products, window design and installation, blinds, up market executive furniture and stockists and suppliers of industrial switch gear along with photovoltaic products.

Poly Products (Fiji) Pte Limited has the capacity to backup supply and installation and after sales service with in-house resources and expertise supported by our offshore business partners. Our HR profile includes qualified engineers and tradesman geared and out-fitted to support the PPL client base.

The company enjoys a healthy and established rapport and daily contacts with leading architects, engineers, project developers, wholesalers and retailers in this competitive market. Additionally, Poly Products (Fiji) Pte Limited is a Value-Added Partner for Philips Lighting.

Philips Lighting appoints value added partners in countries where they are not able to have a Philips office. For Fiji, we are the Value-Added Partner. The reason for having value added partner is to ensure that the Philips level of service and warranty is provided in that country through their partner. Thus, when Philips supplies lights in Fiji through Poly Products those lights will have warrantee by Philips Lighting NZ Limited and the customer can be rest assured that any issues with the product will be honored by Poly Products and Philips NZ.

The edge that Poly Products (Fiji) Pte Limited has is its capabilities, experience and intimate understanding of the expectations and aspirations of the targeted clienteles’ audience. Poly Products (Fiji) Limited has the flexibility and resources to tailor make fit for purpose applications best suited for our clients need.